Sunday, January 10, 2010

Getting Out!

This year it's time for me to get out and interact with the world. I do it on occasion. But for the most part I'm a home body. I have been for years and the past 2 years forget about it. My not feeling good was the perfect reason to not have to interact with anyone. Don't get me wrong I love people. I love to talk. I just don't like leaving my comfort zone. I don't like to try new things and meet (initiate meeting) new people. Every day I am going to get out and talk to someone new. Don't have to make a new friend, just talk. Say hello. Smile. Be a part of the world. I went to a mixer last night. A fundraiser for the Lupus Foundation. It promised to be an awesome night. It was at a family bar I guess. Very weird set up. It looked like a bar. The name of the place is Bar. There were three rooms with bars in each. Serves food. But there were kids everywhere. Ages 5-10. I don't know. Any who. Had a nice time. I stayed for an hour. I got there at 6. Light crowd at that time. As people started to come in the music got louder and the voices did too and it became too much for me, but before that I came out of my comfort zone and made light conversation with those at my table. Of course everyone at the mixer( we had our own seperate area) was college age. I had my oldest son with me and he assured me that I fit in .:) Isn't he cute! All in all a wonderful night out.

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