Sunday, November 29, 2009


I've decided to bring spring to my home in the winter/fall. I'm planting herbs and I bought a plant. I noticed I have no plants in my house. I planted herbs in the spring and then brought them all outside.  Now I want to bring life and color to my home ( not just on the walls). Last year I wanted to plant herbs to make my own teas and oils. One thing led to another and I forgot my purpose. I'm back on my mission. Slow down, enjoy nature and take care of my body and those around me ( they have no idea what's in store!). I have to find my notes and reacquaint myself with herbs and their uses. I started drinking milk thistle tea again. Good for helping out the liver. An organ that we don't tend to think about until it acts up. It works so hard, I'm going to help it out so it doesn't act up! Be happy and smile!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today I get my car back! Horay!! I've been without my car for about a month. Transmission problems. That's over now and I'm on the road again. I did enjoy not driving though. I got a lot of walking in. I slowed down and took care of me. I'm going to keep it this way. Take a walk. See colors. Hear the noise of traffic. Notice other people. Really see what's around me instead of zooming by. Live for today!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vegan or Vegetarian

A vegetarian eats eggs and butter, right?  I can't remember. At any rate my body feels so much better when I stick to just vegetable, soy protein, brown rice, small amount of bread (very small). I over indulged on apple pie Sunday ( you have to when you live with 4 men if you want get your fill). I can rationalize anything. Any way, I decided to just eat vegetable on Monday. Take my calorie count way down. I really felt good. I consumed less than 900 calories and I ate just enough. I even ate tofu. I've been buying tofu a lot lately. Never eat it. Finally decided to try it. In the most bizarre dishes. Collard greens. Traditionally you put some sort of fatty or flavorful protein in the collard greens to jazz them up. I put the greens in a food processor to chop them up. Sauted them in olive oil, garlic and crushed red pepper flakes. Seperately I sauted the tofu ( cut up) in olive oil, onion powder, garlic powder, I'm missing something (sorry) until they were golden brown and then added it to the greens. It was delicious. Only 91 calories for 1 cup. I need to do what I gotta do. Is this how people become vegetarians? I'm not advocating for vegans, I just know that I feel better without the meat. ( I shudder thinking about it). I loved meat. I love me more. Wish me luck and good eating!!

Monday, November 23, 2009


I can't believe it's been over a week. The holidays have been weird for me the last few years. I like being with just my family for the holidays (my husband and kids). I'm not a crowd person anymore. I like to make the holidays special. I decorate, do the traditional dinner, over eat. But then I want to relax. Maybe with a good book. Or even football with the family. My house is a dry house. I like it that way. When I entertain others I feel like I have to provide alcohol and that's just not me. I was going to extend invitations to dinner to family and friends, but I decided not to. If I have people drop in I have plenty and I never turn anyone away. I like drop ins on the holiday. They come in, share joy and leave. Not all day noise, but in spurts. I can handle that. As my children get older the holidays will change and their families will be added and it will be nice because they'll know what to expect. My energy level is shot. I hope my enthusiasm for the holidays carries me through the meal prep. I plan to do it in stages. I'm starting as early as Tuesday with homemade cranberry sauce this year. I've found some good recipes on Maybe I'll check out They always have good recipes, but very involved.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Living with teenagers is a trial. You would think because I have all boys at home it would be easier than girls. It's not.You still have the friends issues. To add to that you have the parents or shall I say mom of the friends issues. I am a very liberal and open mom. I do have rules. But for the most part I'm easy going. I don't do stress well as we know and I have learned to pick and choose my battles- after all we have four kids. So when you mix mom's feedback about kids and who's not allowed in who's house it becomes a mess. My son just wants to have two friends over to play video games and eat chinese food. I've changed plans once already saying he could have one friend over at a time after I had spoken to the two parents and said they could both stay. Got a phone call from a mom complaining about the other kid. After talking to my son I did realize that it's not fair. To exclude one kid based on the back in forth phone calls instigated by a mom. So now we are back to two kids and I'll leave it up to the mom to decide if she wants her son here or not. Such drama. I'm at a place in my life where I don't want or need it. I'm going to have a lovely night of tea and crochet my blanket.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Volunteer for Lupus

Hello! Anyone that has been following my volunteer for lupus blog , I thank you, but I have recently changed it to a closed blogg for the Hamden Walk for Lupus Now committee. Hamden is a lovely town in Connecticut. Anyone interested in joining this committee can feel free to contact me through this blogg and I will send you an invitation to gain access to the other. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Inspiration comes in strange forms. My latest. Pamela Anderson. Who would have thought. It's not suprising for many. She's beautiful with a killer body. For me the inspiration is taking care of yourself and taking care of family. She loves her kids. A great mom- if she wasn't we would have heard about it! She eats all natural  (she's a vegetarian) and she's taking care of her. She continues to get up and  do what she has to do reguardless of what is writen about her and she never changes her style. She is who she is. How can you not get inspired. So this morning I got up, did light yoga stretches, crunches -horay - talk about being positive:) and I meditated. The kids have no school today so we will paint as a family. This has actually turned out to be fun. They get to goof around with each other and we all get a chance to talk with no one running out to do something else- plus I get a beautiful room. So today I am inspired by Pamela Anderson. Not for her beauty and body, but for the woman she is - we all are!!!!
For any guys reading- you can be like Pamela too!!
Laugh. Love. Smile. Enjoy!

Here's a pic of me and the boys 2 yrs ago. They're much taller now! And I was blonde!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Lately I've been finding myself doing a lot of whining. I've been complaining about everything. It felt like nothing was going my way. Wasn't thinking positvely about anything. It's time to stop. It's more draining to complain. I have to stop fighting. Whenever I get in that mode I fight against everything.  I've been fighting with the kids, picking on my husband, and the best - fighting against lupus- for lupus- all the same I'm fighting. My kids are going to be my kids. It doesn't mean I have to accept disorderliness in my domain, they still have to respect my space, but I don't have to fight about it. My husband - it doesn't mean I have to accept disorderliness in my domain, he still has to respect my space. See a pattern:). I can express myself without the tantrums. Yes I still have them at 39 yrs old. I'm intouch with the kid in me! I can advocate for my disease without it being a fight. I can accept my disease and live a lot freer without fighting it. Everytime there's as set back I go into fight mode. I guess it's normal.  Shake it off. Move on. No whining. It's no one's fault. I think that's it. I want to blame someone and there is no one. Deep breath. Smile. Life is Good!!! I really am grateful. I have a wonderful family. I have good friends. I'm able to get around. Here's a new picture I think I'm going to frame. I took it on my deck. I'm still creative. Enjoy!