Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Inspiration comes in strange forms. My latest. Pamela Anderson. Who would have thought. It's not suprising for many. She's beautiful with a killer body. For me the inspiration is taking care of yourself and taking care of family. She loves her kids. A great mom- if she wasn't we would have heard about it! She eats all natural  (she's a vegetarian) and she's taking care of her. She continues to get up and  do what she has to do reguardless of what is writen about her and she never changes her style. She is who she is. How can you not get inspired. So this morning I got up, did light yoga stretches, crunches -horay - talk about being positive:) and I meditated. The kids have no school today so we will paint as a family. This has actually turned out to be fun. They get to goof around with each other and we all get a chance to talk with no one running out to do something else- plus I get a beautiful room. So today I am inspired by Pamela Anderson. Not for her beauty and body, but for the woman she is - we all are!!!!
For any guys reading- you can be like Pamela too!!
Laugh. Love. Smile. Enjoy!

Here's a pic of me and the boys 2 yrs ago. They're much taller now! And I was blonde!!

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