Saturday, April 23, 2011

Anime Boston!

Sitting in the food court with Devin. It's only 11:22am and I'm exhausted. Walked around the mall for about an hour now and ready to flop.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Post #100!!!

I am so tired and I hurt. Took a vinyasa yoga class this morning. I was so proud of myself because I completed the class. I had to sit on the floor for about 10 minutes before I could roll up my mat. Sit another 5 in the lobby to put my shoes on and gear up to go to the car. I had an appointment after that and crashed as soon as I got home. Right now I'm so tired I can't think straight. This is all good right? Lol let's see how long it takes to bounce back. I'm in bed trying to get the strength to take my clothes off. I ordered out (delivery) and ate in bed. Not good, but beats starving. I'm a work in progress!:) time to drag myself out of bed and at the very least get out of these clothes and go back to bed. Goodnight.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Better than I rembered!

Yesterday at Lena's was divine! The butter croissant, the fluffy eggs and the salty tartness of the cheddar cheese.hmmmm I'm in love! As you see the hubby was being good with the fruit salad. That was also delicious. Fresh and sweet - I ate some of his food too! I'm no worse than I was. Still felt crappy last night. Relaxed at home the rest of the day. Today feel somewhat better. I won't do much though.
Enjoy the day!

Lena's Cafe & Confections
873 Whalley Ave
new haven

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Feel like crap. It's okay. Had a great couple of days. Had a nice night out. Dinner at Wendy's. Pain started towards the end of the night.
This was supposed to be about where I am now! Sitting at Lena's in New Haven waiting for a table. I think I'm going to have a spinach omelet. Yes cheese and eggs! I'm so excited.
What happened. I loaned out my book. Eggs aren't hurting the animals. I can make the argument against that statement. I choose not to. Too hard being a vegan. I will cut down my consumption and be more mindful of where it comes from. For now I will enjoy my meal.
Keep you posted.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Beautiful Day

I'm in the Berkshires! The air is so crisp and clean. So refreshing! Dined at a fabulous restauraunt last night, Brûlées. Delicious food, great atmosphere, and they were open past 10pm- huge for this area! Good job Ken!!!
Feeling great this morning. I always appreciate feeling good after a few days of feeling bad. Indulged in too many fatty foods lately. I have to get back in track. I want to start going to yoga classes again. I get more out classes vs dvd's. Don't get me wrong, DVD's are great if you can't get to a class, but it's not the same.
While talking to a new friend yesterday I was encouraged to write more. Expand beyond the blog. Something to think about.
I'm sitting on the patio, listening to the rushing water, looking at all the evergreen. It's beautiful, but cold! Going back inside! lol One more look. One more inhale. Now I need a cup of tea! And my meds! Have an awesome day!