Friday, April 15, 2011

Beautiful Day

I'm in the Berkshires! The air is so crisp and clean. So refreshing! Dined at a fabulous restauraunt last night, Brûlées. Delicious food, great atmosphere, and they were open past 10pm- huge for this area! Good job Ken!!!
Feeling great this morning. I always appreciate feeling good after a few days of feeling bad. Indulged in too many fatty foods lately. I have to get back in track. I want to start going to yoga classes again. I get more out classes vs dvd's. Don't get me wrong, DVD's are great if you can't get to a class, but it's not the same.
While talking to a new friend yesterday I was encouraged to write more. Expand beyond the blog. Something to think about.
I'm sitting on the patio, listening to the rushing water, looking at all the evergreen. It's beautiful, but cold! Going back inside! lol One more look. One more inhale. Now I need a cup of tea! And my meds! Have an awesome day!

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