Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Back home

That wasn't so bad. I have to do it again in two weeks. I'm tired. Sitting there for 6 hours I guess I should be.

Still here

2 1/2 hours to go. It's going well. I'm hungry. And bored. Hubby went to sleep. Poor thing worked last night. Oh well, more TV.


Well I'm here. We haven't started yet. It's an iron infusion. Yay! Step 1 - know the name of the procedure you're having. I will be here for 5 hours. Are you kidding me?! I didn't bring enough reading material for this. I just old my husband I need an iPad if I keep having these things done. he laughed. I'm not. They're here with the test batch.


Going in for my iron transfusion/infusion.