Friday, November 13, 2009


Living with teenagers is a trial. You would think because I have all boys at home it would be easier than girls. It's not.You still have the friends issues. To add to that you have the parents or shall I say mom of the friends issues. I am a very liberal and open mom. I do have rules. But for the most part I'm easy going. I don't do stress well as we know and I have learned to pick and choose my battles- after all we have four kids. So when you mix mom's feedback about kids and who's not allowed in who's house it becomes a mess. My son just wants to have two friends over to play video games and eat chinese food. I've changed plans once already saying he could have one friend over at a time after I had spoken to the two parents and said they could both stay. Got a phone call from a mom complaining about the other kid. After talking to my son I did realize that it's not fair. To exclude one kid based on the back in forth phone calls instigated by a mom. So now we are back to two kids and I'll leave it up to the mom to decide if she wants her son here or not. Such drama. I'm at a place in my life where I don't want or need it. I'm going to have a lovely night of tea and crochet my blanket.

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