Sunday, November 29, 2009


I've decided to bring spring to my home in the winter/fall. I'm planting herbs and I bought a plant. I noticed I have no plants in my house. I planted herbs in the spring and then brought them all outside.  Now I want to bring life and color to my home ( not just on the walls). Last year I wanted to plant herbs to make my own teas and oils. One thing led to another and I forgot my purpose. I'm back on my mission. Slow down, enjoy nature and take care of my body and those around me ( they have no idea what's in store!). I have to find my notes and reacquaint myself with herbs and their uses. I started drinking milk thistle tea again. Good for helping out the liver. An organ that we don't tend to think about until it acts up. It works so hard, I'm going to help it out so it doesn't act up! Be happy and smile!

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