Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello There!

 We're here in SC! I like it. It's new and there is so much to see. Right now I'm not seeing much because I finally had my surgery last week. It went great and was very much needed. ( I had a hysterectomy) To be truthful the pain is not that bad. It's the fatigue and the moving slow that's hard. I work so hard to exercise and eat right so I keep that fatigue and painful joint movement to a minimum and now this is out of my control. So I feel like a hobbled horse. I was told not to exercise for 2 weeks but my body started to freeze up and hurt all over. I snuck in some yoga moves that didn't bother my incision. It helped quite a bit.

On a good note I'm back writing! It gives me time to readjust and plan my what to do  next with my life. When I first got down here I started piling things on again. Got deeper involved in my buddhist practice, tried to get the Mary Kay business moving down here, making calls to get a support group going in my new town, and get the kids situated and help my husband. What the hell was I thinking! I was out of control in no time. I let my Mary Kay business go. It was too much. I just don't have the energy for it. This time I don't feel like a failure. It's just time to move in a different direction. I was going to try to get a LFA Chapter in SC. Turns out LFA doesn't want one here and they have a valid reason, but they also are working on continuing support efforts and I will be starting a new group in Columbia as soon as I recover!! Yay! I miss it!
My buddhist practice keeps me sane. Nothing wrong with living peaceful and wanting that for the rest of humanity. As for the hubby and the kids- I'll always be here to listen and offer advice, but I don't have to solve everyones problems and most of the time they don't want me to. I say this now and in a week I'll be writing how I'm doing something different! lol In a nut shell, it's time for me to plan and relax. Enjoy being taken care of for the next few weeks.


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