Monday, May 21, 2012


Glad I had the weekend to think things through and get more info. I've decided to wait until I'm settled in SC and have my surgery there. It's too much to try to do it now. My son is graduating from high school and I want to be there. Plus I have a ton of packing and people I want to see before I leave. And get this! I believe I wrote about my hemorrhoid surgery last year. Well with all the fiber I was taking for a cleanse ( don't ask me why I do these things!) and iron I'm taking, they're back! I can't, but I can believe it! All that pain getting them removed! What are you gonna do! Suck it up and move on sister! I'm watching Will and Grace, can you tell! lol
Had a nice weekend all and all. Went to a few tag sales. Just to get some air, not to buy. Actually I did pick up a few things. I did get rid of some of my stuff, so I don't feel like I'm collecting more stuff. I need help in sooo many areas! I had my first battle with the sun this season. I was wiped out and in a bit of pain. Had to lay down both days. Not the usually drama associated with it, because it's expected now. No sunscreen no hat. I know that's a no no. I went out and bought a cute hat in Kohls on Sunday! Have to pick some sunscreen. I lost a brand new bottle when I was in SC a few weeks ago.That's all for now! Have an awesome, awesome day!!

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