Monday, November 18, 2013


Getting dizzier by the moment. That can be taken two ways! LOL Still not back up to snuff. Put in a call to my primary last night and this morning. Last night because I took a double dose of my gabapentin I'm so off. OMG I couldn't believe it. I took my dose in the living room before I went to bed. Went to the bathroom, walked in the bedroom, saw my bottle of water by the bed and took my medicine again. Didn't realize it until I got in the bed and about 15 min later I started feeling the room spin. Call the ER who instructed me to call my on call doc. Instead of taking 900mg I took 1800mg. As I read this, I'm thinking, I'm a mess. But I don't like to think I'm this much of a mess. Any who, put in a call to primary this morning to find out what I should do about my reaction to the spinal tap. For various reasons I'm not comfortable with my neurologists office. Ran my reasons by a friend and had her speak to the nurse with me on the phone ( she uses the office) and she agrees with me. I'm not crazy. Shit isn't right in that office. So now I'm getting rid of yet another neurologist. What is this number 4? Well I'm still sitting up. Still dizzy, but not nauseas. Is that a good sign of getting better or I still need the blood patch? Time to get some answers.


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