Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Day

That blood patch is looking pretty good to me right now! LOL I've been doing some searching online and it seems that this is the solution to my problem. More needles. I'm done with docs. I shouldn't say that, but I felt better before. I decided it was time to find a neurologist because I noticed I was a bit more spacey than usual. Background - I'm eating meat again! Is there truly a connection or do I just want there to be! I never full out gave up meat/products, but I had cut down drastically to maybe 4 items month. Not a whole meal, but maybe a slice of cheese one week, butter on toast another, things like that. Now it's full out eating everything. So I started feeling a bit weird- that's the only way I can describe it and I knew needed to have a neurologist anyway. I'm on SSD and I'd be up for review eventually. Who has headaches everyday for 6 years and not has a neurologist? Me! This is why people! Crap like this happens to me! I'm supposed to be this positive voice aren't I. Just take this as a lesson that you're not alone. I know this is happening to someone else out there. You have a kindred spirit.:0) We will get through this, with a small amount of bitching. It's healthy. I'm at the bargaining stage, just get me through this and I'll exercise and eat healthy! LOL For those who know me I'm in real pain because I never offer exercise as an exchange! I just want to feel better. Is that to much to ask? And now here comes the water works. What did I do that was so awful in another life, because I'm perfect in this one! LOL I can always make myself laugh! I'm done for now.


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