Monday, March 22, 2010

the prankster

Last night I cooked cubed steak ( chicken fried steak) for the family. It bombed. For some reason it was sweet. My husband told me I need to go back to eating meat because I never know what went wrong. Today I go to make fish and dust it with flour. Well, the flour didn't look right and when I thought back it didn't look right last night. I taste it and it's not flour but confectioners sugar! The canisters were switched around on the counter. I never label them because I know the difference by looking at the texture. ;=)
As I'm telling this to my son Darrell he starts to laugh. Months ago he switched my dishes around and had me thinking I had a ghost in the house, so I told him he could never switch the dishes again. His words were, " you never said anything about the canisters!" Well the mystery of the souffle/cake is solved. Would anyone like to have a 16 yr old?

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