Thursday, April 8, 2010

Having Fun

This past weekend was a blast! I took the kids to Boston for an Anime Convention. What fun! To see all of the people of all ages in their cosplay ( they don't call them costumes). They are so brave. Let me rephrase that, they're confident and totally okay with who they are. I love it!
Went to an awesome lupus support group meeting in Greenwich. Very positive. Good feelings!
Don't ge me wrong I'm tired as hell, but it's good. I did something good and fun. The fatigue is bearable because it was so worth it. I'm up and going, just resting a lot more in between  this week.
I started my Mary Kay business again! I'm excited! It's about making others happy and getting joy out of seeing their joy. Love it!!
Well, I have a kid in my ear saying, "Can we go?" One day he'll learn is not always about him. I'll let his first real girlfriend fill him in on that one. :)

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