Monday, April 19, 2010


Today is an amazing day! It's my grandbaby's birthday! Happy Birthday Maddie!!! Love you!
It's gorgeous outside, sunny and crisp! Two favorite things for lupus people. ;) I'm going for a walk today, combined with a little jogging. Yes, I am doing it people!

Last week I went on a meat frenzy. I had pork roast on Sunday, Popeyes fried chicken at least twice, and a double cheeseburger and a half ( not on the same day). All week I was so drained. I had some stressful friend issues going on, but couldn't believe my body was reacting to that in such a severe way. With lupus we know stress is not our friend, but this was an I'm tired after 8 hrs of sleep. I couldn't do my walks on some days. The days I did, it was a struggle and not invigorating at all. By Saturday, it clicked. I had eaten meat all week! Sunday I was good and had a little more energy as the day went on. This morning I'm feeling oh so much better!
I'm all about love, compassion, joy, and acceptance. It's a new day. Embrace it. Make it yours!
Live. Love. Laugh. Enjoy!

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