Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It Cold

It's cold. I have a cold and my karma is off. I feel very off balanced. My son is driving me crazy. Kids at 14 just don't get it. He keeps saying I'm harping on the negative and I know that's just because I put him on punishment. I've tried the positive reinforcement. The level of disrespect was getting out of control so I had to let him know who still runs the show. But do I really. It's all about choices. His choices. Right now he's making a few wrong ones, but it's still his decision. I still have rules in my house that have to be followed. They haven't changed for the three other children and they are just fine. They'll probably all end up in therapy and it'll be my fault. :) But the rules remain in place. He's a sweet kid. I don't know. It's hard as a parent to step back. I know at this age it begins the process of letting them become their own person. I've given him enough tools that he is a good person. ( My husband helped out too!) It's all about me people!!! At least now I'm able to laugh. Too serious this morning. I have to get something warm in me and turn on my pellet stove. It's so sunny out I don't want to turn it on. My fingers are starting to turn blue. There it's on. How simple was that. I make things much harder than they need to be. Keep life simple. Live free. Maybe I should abandon rules and restrictions. Do they hinder us? Do they cloud our judgment? If we go on instinct we would always make the right decisions for us. Something to think about.
For today Live. Love. Laugh. Enjoy!

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