Thursday, September 24, 2009

Evening Thoughts

It's evening and I'm exhausted. I had day filled with culinary delights thanks to my friend Wendy! Butternut squash soup and corn muffins for dinner.mmmm Even though the weather is still warm the season has changed and with it we need to change. We are part of nature and when you don't follow the pattern you become unbalanced. Eating foods that are a little heavier and use foods that are harvested in the fall and local to you is a good way to stay in harmony with nature. Soups, stews, cassaroles. I'm definitely a fall person. I love everything about it. The crispness to the air, the vibrant array of colors in the trees, a time to wind down. As you may have noticed my lupus causes me to go all over the place.Think of it as a journey keeping up with me. With the weather cooling off it a great time to do outdoor excercise! Yoga in the yard or a park. A nice walk among the trees away from the noise of cars. Just drink it all in and enjoy! Until tomorrow.

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