Saturday, September 26, 2009


I'm in a talkative mood this morning so bare with me. My spelling is shot also :) . I was confused with fatigue and energy. I have now come to realise that it's not the same thing. I've been eating healthy for a while now. It's creating all this energy and it's fabulous. But!! My body can't handle it. I'm not so sure that it's because I'm out of shape and I am OUT OF SHAPE. I bike ride, I walk, I do yoga - not in the same day and most times not even in the same week- you got me- sometimes not in the same month. But when I do those things I feel tired. The out of shape tired that one would feel when they're not use to the activity. This is different. When I take advantage of my new found energy. I get massive  headaches and I'm in bed with fatigue - the debilitating depletion of energy - for a day or two. So how do you enjoy all of this energy that I am not accustomed to and not do myself harm. I guess that's why I am channelling my energy into my writing. I am going to leave now, my son is actually interested in doing educational things on a Saturday, Hurray!!!!

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