Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where ever you want to go

I too am a firm believer in the mind taking you where ever you want to go. May sound creepy, but let's explore. 98% of the time I have imagined a goal, really planned in out and here is the key (this is all learned stuff) you have to feel it, I have achieved it. The other 2% I stopped visualizing. Example- I wanted a new car. I picked out my new car. I went a the dealership - didn't have the money for it and at the time I didn' believe I was ready- and test drove the car I wanted so in my mind I could visualize me in my car. I could feel the excitement of me driving my new car. I could smell my new car. Then I went home and put a picture of my new car on my computer as a favorite. Every morning I looked at my new car and visualized me driving and how it felt. I would be driving to work, driving to familiar places and feeling myself getting in the car, feel putting my hands on the steering wheel. Feel every moment. Then I would go off with my day. About 4 months later I get a call from the dealership saying that they had the car I wanted in. ( Jeep was only releasing a certain number and color of these cars to dealerships). Well I thought how was I going to get a loan for this car. I called my credit union. They happened to have a fabulous special going on with 100% financing. I thought I'm never going to be approved, But I had been visualizing me in this car for 4 months. I submitted the application in the morning. When I came back from lunch I had a phone call. I called back and I was approved! I was driving the next day. The funny thing is it wasn't the color I wanted but the color I test drove and had as a favorite on the computer because I had forgot the change to the color that I was visualizing everday! My point is be very careful what you visualize on a daily basis. Make it positive, make it beautiful, and be very specific! I have many more examples but I'll save that for another time. By the way I still love my new car (3 years old now), color and all! Have fun visualizing!!

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