Thursday, October 1, 2009


I've been awake since about 2:30am. I don't have a problem going to sleep, I have a problem staying asleep. I'm on Neurotin for my headaches and it use to knock me out at night, but as with everything my body is adjusting to it, so it doesn't work for sleeping as well as it did. I've tried camomille tea, warm milk, rubbing my temples with lavender essential oil ( not sure if that was for the headaches or sleep), and valarian. Nothing has worked. I'm not sure what I going to try next. I take so many pills ( prescription and supplements) that I'm always resistant when it comes to adding more to the list. There was a period last year when I didn't sleep at night for monthes. I actually had to write down the times that I would sleep and the duration because it had gotten so bad. Sleep deprivation is an awful thing. I was a basket case. This time it's been going on for about a month. I would wake up about 4am which isn't too bad, but after a week of this I would be so exhausted that I would end up in the bed with wicked headaches for 2 days. Of course there was more to the headaches than just sleep deprivation. I would try to carry out a normal person's routine during the day. Always falling short and exhausted my already tired self. At times I like to forget I have Lupus and try to be the old me. I realize she doesn't exist in that energetic, always on the go way, but I still remember and I like to pretend. I pay when I do. Sometimes it's worth it, but I have to pick the times I want to use up energy that my body can't handle. I'm getting off track again. Any suggestions on sleep would be welcomed. It's 6:19 and my kids should be up, but of course they are sleeping soundly:). I'll take it easy today.

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