Friday, October 9, 2009

It Can Wait

It can wait. I'm not very good at that. Yesterday I forced myself to say and do it a lot. I was so tired and hurting, but I still wanted to try to do something. I made myself sit in the recliner and say "it can wait". My doctors want me to try tylenol for pain. They're kidding, right. But I try to be a good girl and accomadate them and take the tylenol. Did it help? Very little. Today I'll add the motrin to it if it gets too bad. Another suggestion from the PCP office. For now I'll slow down(even more). All of the organizing and cleaning that I finally felt well enough to tacle will have to wait. It's waited 2 years a few more days won't hurt. Cleaning is a slow process for me know. I've learned to do it in chunks. Taking a section of a room at a time. I don't have the energy to do the whole room, so break it down. The larger things that need to be done I grab, literally sometimes:), one or all of the boys. Still tired, still in pain. Time to pamper me. The rest of the world can wait. Do alittle something for yourself today. Have fun for me and enjoy!

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