Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I feel like my body is a volcano ready to erupt. I'm the little villagers living in fear of making the volcano angry. I feel myself starting to regress. Just slightly, but I feel it. I've slow down the activities that I had on my plate, for fear of overdoing it and ending up in bed in agony. How do you battle this fear. I used to call it respect for my body and maybe then that's what it was. Well I have over worked it, disrespected it and now I fear it. WOW. Trying to get back to loving my body and respecting it. I haven't strayed far from it, but it definitely wasn't my first priority lately. It's time to make a daily routine of yoga, meditation, and hot oil massages in the morning. I've been eating home cooked, non processed foods for a month now and cutting back on the foods that make me sluggish or add to the pain. Now it's time to cut them out completely. Again fear of the VOLCANO. I want the pain to stop. I hear of people with lupus who have gotten rid of the pain for the most part so I know there is a way. Everyone is different and I have to find my way. So I'm back on my Ayurervedic journey. The books are very confusing. I'm going to trying tackling it in chunks.

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