Sunday, October 4, 2009


You love them. You're happy they're safe. But they can drive you to drink. I have 3 of them and everyday is a challenge and guess what? I stopped drinking 13 years ago. I take a lot of deep breaths and I have learned to process things before I speak, and a wait a day or two before I act. When they were small I would have to act immediately so they didn't forget why they were being punished,but as they get older I have to wait to make sure the punishment fits the crime. And I'm not being punished along with them. You know the month long grounding where after 1 week you're thinking what the hell did I do. When do teenagers finally get it? Have a great day! I plan to!!


  1. I have 2 teenagers as well. I'm not sure worse the Lupus, or them. lol With teenagers, there is no pill, or injection to take the edge off them lol Somedays I hide in my bedroom & tell the kids that I don't feel well, just to have a little peace.

    Hope your having a "Good day"