Friday, October 16, 2009

Sleep Glorious Sleep

I've slept for 5 nights in a row!! NO help from any medication. I incorporated feng shui. I have to be beat over the head sometimes to try things that I already have access to. I had a book on feng shui about a year ago. I tryed some of it. Not all. Didn't believe it would work. At this time in my life I figured what do I have to lose. One of the things was to get clutter, bills, computer out of my room. Did a massive clean up with the help of my oldest. My room looks beautiful again. Second I changed the location of my bed. My bed was in the middle of two windows. I could hear everything outside or at least I tried to. Feng shui suggest moving bed from under windows so at night your not worried about intruders and listening for sounds outside. The third thing and something I tried to do but could never keep up with was to turn the TV off. I'm supposed to close it in a cabinet or not have one at all in the bedroom. For now it goes off after 1/2 hour. I have slept since I did these things. I'll keep you posted!!!!

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