Monday, July 19, 2010

More Tears

Not the bawling my eyes out of Saturday. Not the steady stream of Sunday. Today is a trickle here and there. I've even been able to smile when I think back to some of the conversations we've had. One in particular - she'd given me her recipe for sauce. She was appalled that I fed my babies jar sauce ( as every Italian family I know had been lol). I told her I had finally gotten a recipe from FN Everyday Italian. Her response was her's was better and never trust a skinny woman with a recipe. I had to remind her she was 120lbs soak and wet- which she than got offended and laughed and said don't ever say she was that heavy she was only 110. We had such a good time. Her recipe is excellent by the way. It was so good I gave away jars of sauce to some other friends. I still use it to this day. Thank you Roseann. Your secret ingredient is safe with me! Believe it or not about a year later she even started to like Giada! I guess skinny women can cook too!
My son's party yesterday went pretty well. I'm in a fog so they got away with more than I would usually tolerate. The pool didn't become off limit until 9pm and the last of his friends went home at 1am. They cleaned up their mess, so when I got up this morning my backyard was in good shape. I was pleasantly surprised.
 My head still hurts, I'm still achy, but it all is to be expected. I'm grateful for every breath and I'm going to enjoy my day.

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